How to lower your golf score

There must be a zillion ways to improve your golf score but I noticed a few things all good golfers do but bad golfers seldom do. So many people buy new golf gear year after year, but they soon realize that it doesn’t help much no matter how many times they change their driver!

The more educated believe that having a great swing is key to a low score. They usually laugh at the people that buy equipment, but these golfers spend money on lessons, practicing, practicing and practicing.

The ultra addicted always practice their short game. It might be the best method but it’s ultra hard to do because it takes so much time! Practice, hitting ball after ball after ball will become routine if you fall under this category.

Check these tips because these are very simple to implement.

  • Glove – Changing your gloves as much as you can afford to is essential for a good game. Once it starts slipping, then bye bye good ball striking.
  • Spikes – Once you get new spikes, you will see that it is a no-brainer because you no longer slip and lose your balance when you swing. This is especially important during the course where you are on uneven lies!
  • Tees – When I hit my tee shots, I want the ball to hit the sweet spot of the club face every time. Having the same tee height is the only way I can do this (apart from having a repeatable swing).
  • Hydration – In the early days of my golfing career, I would play well and then lose the edge towards the end of the round. After a while of this frustration, I read somewhere that keeping myself hydrated will help me sustain my energy and focus. This means drinking water, Gatorade or some type of liquids throughout the round. Nowadays, it wouldn’t be uncommon for me to drink 2-3 bottles of water during an 18-hole round. 4-6 strokes saved.
  • Warm up – I still don’t spend enough time on warm up but I noticed that sometimes it takes me 1-2 holes just to get relaxed and able to swing freely. This is all due to not having enough warm up. Warming up also helps relaxes your mind and enables you to make adjustments to compensate for the way balls are flying. More importantly, warming up reduces injuries! 1-3 strokes saved.
  • Eat Light – Heavy eating is a no-no on the course. You end up losing focus after a big meal so it’s hard to pick and execute the right shots. Eating something light is great for your score.